Wednesday 15 June 2011

Busy Times!

I'm typing this using my iPad on a train, which is where I seem to do a lot of my work these days. 

The programme I am directing has run into serious difficulties, which is why I was brought in, and we are in the middle of completely revising our approach to the work and new timelines. The end client, with the potential to become my client's biggest customer, is understandably disillusioned and will take a lot of convincing that the programme can be turned round, but the delivery teais so committed that I am confident it can.

Today is a visit to one of the end client's sites to give them the opportunity to express their misgivings and for me to tell the what we are doing to turn the programme round.

One other thing going in our favour is that the end client continues to behave collaboratively and genuinely wants to help us succeed. Yesterday was a full day's workshop with 30 representatives of all areas of the delivery team, and it went very well; strong commitment from everyone present and some real insights into what we can do to turn things round. I've several more workshops of a similar nature, often including the end client, over the next week or two before we present a revised proposal to the board.

Lots of travelling, hard work and lots of mental stimulation - I'm loving it!