Tuesday 26 January 2010

LinkedIn Advertising.

The market for what I do - large scale programme management in bluechip organisations and Central Government - is so competitive that the current economic climate has had a real debilitating effect and even strong CVs like mine struggle to be noticed in the deluge recruiters are faced with.

It's important to try to "do things differently" in a bid to stand out.

I have created a PowerPoint presentation version of my CV and made it available via LinkedIn.

I've also made one-page Case Studies of some of my previous assignments available on my website - www.stevesyder.com - and on LinkedIn.

Today, I've added a LinkedIn advert to my marketing initiatives. I'm looking forward to seeing what interest that generates.

Networking Breakfast

I'm busy preparing handouts for tomorrow's networking breakfast.

Hopefully they will give people food for thought (no pun intended!).

I subscribe to the theory that, if you use networking to give you end up receiving as much if not more.

Monday 25 January 2010

A Busy Week

A busy week this week, in which my carbon footprint will be hobnailed-boot size.

I've recruitment agents to speak to today and tomorrow; Wednesday I'm at a networking breakfast at 6:30, a golf competition at 9 and then drive to Merseyside to see Everton, over to Manchester to get some sleep before an early start to drive to Maidenhead to meet another recruitment agent.

Friday I'm off to Bristol for a weekend of catching up with chums.

In between the driving and fun stuff I expect to be doing some web design work for clients and possibly an online training course if there's time.

Sunday 24 January 2010

Market Improvement?

I've certainly noticed a pick up in the market since the turn of the year, especially in the finance sector and the NHS, which brings me on to another point; I can understand why the finance sector wants prevoius experience as it recruits for some very specialised stuff, but the NHS often asks for business change experts, but wants them to have plenty of NHS experience under their belts.

This strikes me as really sort-sighted. Surely a business change expert lacking NHS experience would bring a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas to the table. I don't think this blinkered approach to recruitment really helps to improve things at all.