Thursday 7 October 2010

IBM Assignment

I'm currently a month into my latest assignment at IBM, the end client being a major insurance company, with my attention being focussed specifically on a Solvency II programme and an online protection service improvement programme.

It's an interesting place to be.

I started before the contract start date, so I was there to witness all the TUPE process, on-boarding etc.

It took me back to my days with EDS, where my assignment started before they signed the contract with Lloyds TSB; both assignments were for American companies, both were right at the start of the contract and both involved a lot of very professional people, so all in all, work is pretty stimulating.

Most of the people I have spoken to who have transferred over to IBM as part of the TUPE process seem genuinely excited abot the move, and see it as enhancing their career prospects, so they are good to work with too.

Solvency II is interesting to be involved in because it has far-reaching implications for all insurance companies, and work will need to be well underway in every company by early 2011.

Online protection is also very interesting, being complementary to my eCommerce work at Camelot last year.

Looks like being a good run up to Christmas and the New Year for me!